San Diego Concrete Beautification and Restoration

Where plain, cracked, or blemished cement is easily transformed into beautiful new decorative surfaces that are easy to care for and long lasting.

A complete resurfacing system in which a slab is, "capped", "overlaid", or "coated" with a special blend of highly refined aggregates, Portland cement, and a hybrid polymeric modifier which is applied in multiple thin coats to create any number of beautiful textures and patterned finishes including brick, slate tile, pavers, flagstone, and more.

Up to 3 times stronger than typical cement and specifically engineered to work with a broad array of exciting and vibrant color stains. Colors that can be customized to suit your taste and match your home like no other.

Design possibilities include:

  • Architectural banding and score patterns
  • Stone, tile, or brick - in fields, bands, or even meandering insets
  • Unlimited combinations of patterns, textures, and colors
  • Flagstone, Cobble, Ashlar Slate, Opa Slate, Seamless and more
  • UV stable stains, dyes, tints, and metallic enhancers for depth, dimension, and authenticity
  • Completely custom tailored for context, proportion, balance, and personal style

Curb appeal - You won't believe how completely different your home will look with from the street with enhanced driveways, entry walks, and landings.

Ambience - Bring a rich, custom feel to your patio or pool deck.

Value & Versatility - No other home improvement affords you this level of custom tailoring and quality in a comparable price range.

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